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Penny by Doverstar
Colored by Bluewolf222, drawn by me, Penny from Bolt. Blue asked me to draw her and I did, and she wanted to color it, so here it is. She's obviously much better at coloring than I am! :D

The hands I draw are so lovely, don't you think? :giggle:
Their Favorite Person by Doverstar
Their Favorite Person
My babies. :love: I really wanted to draw the Darlings in daytime clothes. I still suck at drawing people, but practice makes somewhat acceptable. :D
Mystery Twins by Doverstar
Mystery Twins
Anybody else implode upon seeing Not What He Seems

Tried to make it look like a page from the Journals. No, I didn't throw those red numbers together to look like one of the cryptograms at the end of the eps. It actually does spell stuff, I just enjoy others' suffering too much to translate it down here. Go to the decoding page on Wikipedia and check out the A1Z26 code to decipher what I wrote, if you want.

Love these two to pieces omiword.
MTP by Doverstar
Stands for Munk True Pairing. :cutevil: revamp 

It looked better without the texture. :shrug: Meh. I know Alvin's new hat is green under the bill, but I really disliked that; he's always been in all red (except for his sneakers, obviously). I actually do like the new look. It took me a while to get used to, though.

Alvinette is not exactly a popular ship in this fandom, but I don't give a rat's tail. :smugjig: 
Juniper's Tantrum by Doverstar
Juniper's Tantrum
“You’ll be all right now, Juniper,” Urchin said. “We’ll get you through this. You’ll feel much better after a soak in the hot water. You should try it.” Then he leaped back, startled, as Juniper sprang up.

“What do you know about it?” he cried. “Do you think you know it all? Do you think you understand everything, and it can all be put right with a hot bath and a fire? You have no idea!”

“I’m sorry!” gasped Urchin.

“You don’t know anything !” yelled Juniper bitterly. “Don’t you understand? I went in to save you, and you ended up saving me, because you always have to be the hero!”

“Juniper, what …” began Urchin, but Juniper wasn’t listening.

“So what if I’d died saving you!” cried Juniper. “I wanted to! I would have done one noble, worthwhile thing, and then it would have all been over, and I wouldn’t have to live with this!” The rage in his eyes turned to terrible pain. “You don’t know who I am!”


One of my favorite Juniper scenes in the whole series is when he's yelling at poor Urchin, who has absolutely no clue what his bro's been struggling with. I really hate the background and the shading on this because reasons. It looks terrible. But the mud on Juniper was fun! :shrug: 
I won't update for I-don't-know-how-long, but probably no more than a month. 
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United States
I am a Christian. I am also a die-hard Disney fan.

Over ten years ago we figured out that God gave me a gift to write and I've been writing ever since. As for drawing, I'm a work-in-progress, always learning.

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I won't! :D And I'll message it to you. :) Thank you again!
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